Project No 5

Implementation of the NOS3 simulator for the CubeSat mission model design validation

Design and verify a CubeSat 1U small satellite mission model using the freely available NASA Operation Simulator for Small Satellites – NOS3 in the Linux OS environment. Use open source tools and codes for solutions. The payload will be an experiment for the verifying power backup possibility of using lithium pencil and button primary cells.

The NOS3 simulation software system is primarily designed for easy integration to flight software developed with the NASA Core Flight System (cFS). It was created by NASA’s Independent Verification and Test Capability team for CubeSat 3U named Simulation-to-Flight (STF-1). This simulation software is open-source and using Linux libraries and executables. Simulations are based on current hardware models used by CubeSat small satellites.

Supervisors / Skills:

Zbyněk Kocur, Petr Ondráček (KTT)